Professional baby casting appointments are available any day of the week and

can be planned to suit your baby's routine. Baby hands and feet are cast in plaster then painted in classic white or metallic bronze, silver or gold paint.

The impression material used is dental alginate. So if you have ever had one of those gum shield-like dental impressions you will know what it is. Worldwide, it is used by dentists in adult's and children's mouths and by life casters to make moulds. It is completely safe to use on babies hands and feet.

However, if your child has any kind of skin problem you must seek advice from your GP before having a cast done. It would also be wise to wait until any blemishes have cleared up as they will show up in the cast as all the detail is picked up. Remember that sock marks will show up in the casts so don't dress your baby in ribbed socks or take them off an hour before the casting.

The process to take each mould is very fast - about 2-3 mins as the mixture sets in that time. The impression powder must be mixed with cold water especially in hot weather or the mixture sets too fast. If you are having hand casts made, two moulds will be made of each hand. This is to ensure I obtain a good result as hands can be a bit trickier: the mould can split if a clenched fist is not uncurled; curled fingertips can be lost due to air bubbles. If I obtain 2 hands, I will email you a picture of them so you can choose which one to mount/frame.

Once your moulds are made they will be cast the next day and left to dry out for up to a week. Then they will be finished by and mounted in your chosen frame.

Location – The castings are normally done at my home in Reigate (Please contact me for my address when booking)

Turnaround - The turnaround is normally 3-4 weeks but this can extend at busier times or during the school summer holidays. If you have a deadline please let me know when you book. I can sometimes rush an order through.

Photos - If your frame will have a photo, bring it along to the casting appointment and I will put it in the frame for you when I mount the casts. Or if its one of mine just let me know which one you would like. You'll find it easier to choose your frame, mount and paint colours if you have a photo in mind and know where you will hang the finished frame.

Payment - I ask you to pay half the order value once you have booked your appointment and the other half on the day. I offer discounts for twins or if you book with a friend and do it together.

Collection - Normally customers collect their finished casts from me to avoid damage in transit. If you need me to post your casts, I do not stick the casts in the frame as they could break off and smash around inside. Instead, I will carefully wrap them and provide you with glue and instructions for sticking them into your frame. The courier charge for mainland UK is £8.

Your appointment should take around an hour depending on what you are

having done. Your child will be on your lap during the casting. We can make the mould while your baby is feeding as they are often so pre-occupied they don't even notice it being done.

Having a partner, family member or friend to assist you/take photos/watch is a good idea too and is especially useful if you are having a sibling cast at the same time.

The mould is destroyed as the cast is taken from it so each cast is unique, 1 mould = 1 cast.

I am happy to wait if your baby is sleeping when you arrive or you need to change his/her nappy.

For more information please contact me or call07880591937.

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Kelly could not have been nicer. She made us all feel completely comfortable and we ended up really enjoying our photo session. This in itself was amazing as I spend my life deleting photos of me. The images that she captured are all amazing and will be cherished forever. We are now looking forward to further sessions with her when Freya is 6 & 12 months old. A big thank you.